Eskay Sol LLC

Eskay Sol LLC aims to help you to grow your business by utilizing new media technologies, and to to provide cost effective, fully interactive solutions. Eskay Sol LLC is a new media technology and content development company which will fulfill your needs.

“In a truly customer driven market, success depends on company’s ability to be with the customer on a round the clock basis, satisfying all their product and service specific needs.
In every stage of a process Eskay Sol LLC make sure that quality is in the limelight. Incorporating quality management, control and monitoring brings out the best in our resources. The strength of a process is measured by the quality and consistency of output. And it takes rigorous focus to deliver to the highest quality standards.”


Our Goal

Our expert account optimizer individually evaluate and maintain your merchant account. By constantly re-assigning the cards you accept to qualifying categories, we make the majority of your transactions “qualify,” eliminating costly surcharges and downgrade fees.

As a member of National Merchants Association, you will not only save on your merchant services program, but you’ll also gain a partner in business development. We will always keep customer service our top priority and will constantly search for additional products that can increase profits for our merchants.

Our Team

“We have a network of affiliates to assist international entrepreneurs with setup, Just go our way and wait for the time when you will make a million dollars.

Being an active link between the two countries, Eskay Sol LLC deliver results that exceed your expectations. Your business will certainly benefit from our highly experienced and passionate team whose goal is to help you set your business up and assist you to become a successful entrepreneur in the US.“



Low Priced and fast funding:
Offering the most competitive costs and fees.We can beat most high risk credit card rates.

Our Security to You:
Contact us for more security!
Bank-level encryption and insurance
Integration between all devices
Money-back guarantee
Unlimited technical support
Unlimited transactions


Payment types:

We accept – Credit Cards, ACH(Automated Clearing House), eCheck & EFT(Electronic Funds Transfe) Transactions
Most providers only support credit card transactions. Expand your ability to collect payments.


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