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Our Motive

Eskay Sol LLC truly believes the potential of creating the trust among people. This is the basic foundation for any kind of business. We appreciate needs of people to fulfill them from the part of our services.

Ever in the history of international business we Eskay Sol LLC provide tailored services and solutions to both buyers and suppliers extensively. Eskay Sol LLC help you to gain a competitive edge with unique and extensive network of contacts and provide conclusive fact based strategies to accelerate business of desired quality. With rich experience in promotion and online marketing along with export guidance we fetch profitable business. Eskay Sol LLC ensures the common goal of generating business globally.



Our people define us:

Our people drive us forward. Their passion, motivation, curiosity and expertise define us (and continually re-define us) – helping us grow our business, and helping our clients grow their businesses.
Eskay Sol LLC deliver results that exceed your expectations.


Get in touch with US:

Eskay Sol LLC might be just the kind of thing you’ve been looking for to start or expand business in America. Just give us a chance and get ready to grab tons of benefits with a tag of USA on your company.

At Eskay Sol LLC, we work differently. Our passion is to help businesses grow, move ahead of their competitors and stay there.


Who We Are:

Eskay Sol LLC specializes in providing payment processing solutions for highrisk volume and high risk merchants. The company establishes merchant accounts for US and international companies through our global network of acquiring banks.

Merchant accounts are the conduits through which money flow from your customers to you. Payment processing is vital to the success of your business.

Eskay Sol LLC has been providing secure and innovative payment solutions to merchants for long time. The company has long and trusted relationships with banks throughout the world, giving you the ability to choose from a wide range of proven solutions that benefit your business.


Our Solutions


Payment S

Payment Accept payments worldwide, securely, transparently and efficiently.

Mobile payment S
Mobile payment

Enable cashless payment at every PoS.

Risk management S
Risk management

Reduce payment defaults; increase sales and profit.

Issuing S

Innovative card technology.

 Integration & Testing Solutions S
Integration & Testing Solutions

Solutions for testing and managing payment systems.

Value-added services S
Value-added services

Offering added value and strengthening customer loyalty.