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“Eskay Sol LLC truly believes the potential of creating the trust among people. This is the basic foundation for any kind of business. We appreciate needs of people to fulfill them from the part of our services.”

Eskay Sol LLC
Eskay Software


Professional Consultant:
Eskay Sol LLC aims to help you to grow your business by utilizing new media technologies, and to provide cost effective, fully interactive solutions. Eskay Sol LLC is a new media technology and content development company which will fulfill your needs.
Click Here to check the websiteWe are the leader for the sales of ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE like Norton, AVG , Avast, Bit-defender & Panda Security etc.along with FREE on-demand technical assistance for Personal and Small Business Computer, and not affiliated with any Brand unless specified. .Click here to login the URL.We provide organizational change management assistance,With the complete designing of the professional documents for job seekers in the marketWe provide 360 degree services to our customer

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EskayPay Payment Solution:

Eskay Pay has solutions to provide secure Payment Gateway for all kinds of online,e-commerce business & BPO too. We also provide the solution to small or home based business managed by individuals.
We can get your business toward profit.
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HighRisk Gateways:
HighRisk Gateways provides the high risk payment gateways & merchant account for online credit card/debit card/ACH processing, with API & VT for all high risk business and we securely processes transactions in various currencies with All major card.Click here to login our website.


SR Group:
SR Group is placement consultant for the job seekers. SR Group has the tie up with few major brand in india where they place the candidate.
SR Group is our born company however now they are fully Independent organization
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Each Business is independently / separately driving the business in the market, We Eskay Sol LLC as a group do not own or ready to wear the responsibility of any of above business.
Please contact their respective concern person for any assistance.